Project Description

Cap Gemini: Gaining a Competitive Edge from Knowledge

When the market suddenly becomes saturated, how do you stand out in the competition without lowering the prices? Cap Gemini UK noticed that new entrants were breaking into many of their markets, and clients were beginning to shop for price rather than the unique value.

Cap Gemini knew that future high-growth programs would be won on the basis of quality relationships, not just delivery capability. At the same time, Cap Gemini was feeling the effects of a shortage of talented people in the IT sector. To adjust, Cap Gemini UK developed a new strategy.

To communicate the new strategy in a way that everyone would support, the effective solution was Celemi Tango™, a two-day business simulation that could address the specific strategic issues, and provide a big-picture overview at the same time.

“It was great to see so many of our managers engaged in Tango. The key issues that Celemi Tango™ focuses on are so real in our business today.”

—Alwyn Welch, Chief Executive Officer, Cap Gemini, UK

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