Project Description

Fujitsu: Global Strategy on Local Markets

Celemi ALL LOGOS_0176_FujitsuHow to exercise 90 middle managers in strategic thinking, with a clear connection to the company’s real challenges.

In 2011, the Fujitsu Key Talent program had a challenging objective: To instill a profound understanding of competition in multiple markets. In addition, the team wanted the ninety hand-picked middle managers in the Key Talent program, to practice the elements of strategy, such as portfolio mix, growth in emerging markets, and more.

The training needed to be suitable for a diverse group of ninety people from vastly different backgrounds, and adhere to Fujitsu’s leading learning principle: “Development should stem from experience and relationships, and not from “education””.

Previously, the talent management team had enjoyed great results with the business simulation Celemi Apples & Oranges™ already in other development areas, so Fujitsu turned to Celemi with their new challenge. When describing the learning needs for their Key Talent program, Fujitsu was introduced to Celemi Enterprise™.

“This was extraordinary! I’ve never seen such an engaging learning method, while at the same time encouraging and profound discussions. We needed the kick-off to be relevant, but this widely surpassed our expectations.”

— Finance Manager, Fujitsu

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