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Project Description

Bank of Moscow: A Common Viewpoint on Bank Management

To improve commumnication among management levels, Bank of Moscow used a customized learning pBank_of_Moscow_Logorogram featuring three different Celemi solutions:

The first module focused on cash flow and profitability, and was built around Celemi Apples & Oranges™. The business simulation brings abstract finance concepts to life, and participants realize why – and how – work tasks must change in order to improve the bank’s business.

The second module made a deep dive into management, and made use of Celemi Cayenne™, where groups of 3-4 people are challenged to work in simulated project teams. With limited time and resources, participants soon discovered that prioritizing will be necessary.

The third and last module brought together the lessons learned from the two previous modules. It challenged the managers to develop and manage staff while at the same time competing for customers and staying profitable. As a means to acheive this, Bank of Moscow used the dynamic and complex simulation Celemi Tango™.

“This program has created a knowledge foundation for all our managers. In the seminars, people go: ‘Wow, I understand! Now I know what to change at work!”

—Marina Lavrinova, Deputy Head of the T&D Department Bank of Moscow

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