Project Description

Axfood: A New Performance Management System

How do you create company-wide dialogue around the new performance management system, with a true understanding among 8,000 people in 300 retail stores – in only six weeks?

This was the challenge faced by Axfood, one of the largest food retail organizations in the Nordic countries. The solution was a 2–3 hour tailor-made Celemi learning program, created to engage all employees and answer the following key questions:

  • Why do we have a new performance management system?
  • How does it work and relate to our daily jobs?
  • What can we, as individuals and teams, do to help improve performance?

Through the learning program, people are invited to explore industry trends, the competitive situation and customer demands. They discover critical success factors and how the new performance management system supports people in making the right priorities – to improve bottom line results.

“Excellent and fun program – easy to understand and very engaging for the co-workers.”

—Elisabeth Sporrong Store manager, Gothenburg Axfood Group

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