Project Description

Bona: Successful Strategy Alignment

Bona decided to strengthen the company culture and leadership, by continuously engaging all employees around the vision and strategy. The journey started in 2008, when the company was facing red numbers and analyzes indicated a need for alignment and leadership development.

Together with Celemi, Bona developed a strategy dialogue program of 2.5 days. It was implemented over a period of 1.5 years. The program consisted of three main dialogues combined with local workplace meetings. Along with the strategy it covered areas such as Corporate Values, Code of Conduct and Business Processes.

Facilitated by local managers, the initiative reached all 500 employees during a couple of months, giving everybody a clear understanding of what the strategy meant in practice. The program mobilized the entire organization with great response, and bottom line figures gradually turned black.

“All employees live the vision and strategy – every day.”

— Kerstin Lindell, President, Bona

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