We get a lot of questions about why we decided to develop our new business simulation Celemi Sustainability™. The answer is simple – everybody wants to create a successful and sustainable business. Understanding and working with a Triple Bottom Line framework, focusing on People, Planet and Profit will help you to reach that goal.

Companies have a huge opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable society, while increasing the value for shareholders and other stakeholders. We have created Celemi Sustainability™ to help them do so.


Listen to Libby Macomber talk about our take on the People aspect.

Find out more about Celemi Sustainability™ and how you can help your people go through and understand the importance of a sustainability transformation here >>


Right now, it’s critical for companies to start transforming their business models, for both short-term success and long-term survival.

In Celemi Sustainability™, the participants will get sustainability under their skin and learn what they can do to contribute to the transformation.


As we all know, profit is essential. It functions as a key enabler and motivator to help businesses move into the future and operate in more sustainable ways. This will both contribute to society and make organizations more competitive and profitable.