Celemi is launching a ground-breaking new simulation, where participants get to experience the greatest challenge in business today by stepping into the driver’s seat of a sustainability transformation.

The development of Celemi Sustainability™ started around two years ago and has been developed with support from Sweden´s Innovation Agency (Vinnova). During the first year, different simulation models and concepts were tried out. When the concept was finally nailed, it took one year to build and design the simulation. Along the way, Celemi has been in dialogue with a couple of large international market-leading companies and sustainability experts to make sure the simulation reflects the reality of what companies are challenged with today.

“Today, companies face the challenge of conducting their business from a sustainability perspective, for both short-term success and long-term survival,” says Kjell Lindqvist, CEO of Celemi. “We know that using simulations is one of the best ways to get people aligned and seeing the big picture. People learn best while having fun and when the knowledge really sticks and people understand why and how they can contribute, that´s when change really happens.”

Over the years, Celemi has developed simulations in a wide range of areas, such as business finance, strategy implementation, project management, sales, and marketing. Sustainability is now a top priority for all businesses. Celemi developed this solution to help companies contribute to a more sustainable society, while increasing value for shareholders and stakeholders. Understanding and working with a Triple Bottom Line framework, focusing on People, Planet and Profit will help companies to reach that goal.

“This means building organizations where people thrive, develop, and want to stay,” says Kjell Lindqvist. “We should also operate with the vulnerability of our planet and the need for protection and recovery in mind. Finally, we will do all this while maintaining good financial health.”

Celemi has been operating worldwide in many industries since 1985. Companies such as Hilti, Honeywell, and Airbus have used Celemi’s simulations for their employees to implement change. “We know that if a topic or challenge is really complex, it is important that the learning process is easy and fun,” continues Kjell Lindqvist.

Celemi Sustainability™ is launched on 12 December. Find out more about the simulation in the video below.