Today, we proudly launch the NEW Celemi Agile Move™ live on our Celemi Learning Space™ platform. It is officially live and available for our partners and customers.

“I am super excited about this launch, we take our current great solution a huge leap forward by enabling it in the Celemi Learning Space, our unique and market leading platform for social, experiential and facilitated learning. This will enable a greater learning experience for the learners and a greater level of flexibility for the facilitators to run the experience in customized ways.”
– Kjell Lindqvist, CEO of Celemi

Celemi Agile Move™ is a program that helps your organization adopt agile ways of working and achieve the transformation you need to meet the challenges of today’s ambiguous, ever-changing world.

The storyline in our new version features a manufacturing company called SolarPace, making this simulation relevant to a wide audience and helping to distinguish organizational agile from the traditional software application. We want to help people understand the benefits of this way of thinking for the wider organization and let participants experience the challenges in implementing such a transformation.

By integrating this program into the Celemi Learning Space™ we move one step closer to building an ecosystem where we can develop and improve in a fast pace and serve our partners, clients, and participants better than ever before.

Read more about Celemi Agile Move™ here or why not go ahead and test how agile you really are? Check out our 1 minute mini-simulation to test your agile leadership skills >>