WHY are these imaginary dancing peppers so happy? Imagine they are part of a team that got to go back in time to revisit a failed project so they could FIND the pitfalls, FIX them, and DELIVER great value to the organization on time and within budget.

Organizations worldwide are facing challenges and changes like never before. Celemi Cayenne™ can help your leaders and teams get aligned and prepared to deliver your next initiative with fresh insights.

Join us on Wednesday, October 20, for a demo of Celemi Cayenne™, a learning experience available virtually that’s named for the way we experience the delayed heat after eating a spicy Cayenne pepper. We don’t recognize those hot spots in the moment, but we definitely feel the after effects!

NOT a project management tool, Celemi Cayenne™ is a hands-on, big-picture competitive game in which participants navigate project minefields of stakeholder commitments, team capabilities, and organizational preparedness. Its lessons apply to many situations. For instance, The International Institute for Management Development uses Celemi Cayenne™ to boost MBA students’ communication skills as they learn to effectively manage distanced teams, have constructive dialogues, and develop an efficient decision-making process.

Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

Help your organization learn from others’ mistakes long before the stakes are high by playing Celemi Cayenne™ – the secret ingredient for securing project success.

This event has concluded, but a recording of the webinar is available below. Please contact us if you would like more information!

Watch the recording