Virtual game simulation reaches 400 sales directors and senior managers as a follow-up to our 2020 initiative that won 2 Brandon Hall Group silver awards

After 7 months of game creation, Celemi launched a virtual custom sales manager training simulation for Hilti Group from our headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, this week reaching 400 sales directors and senior managers with some serious fun.

The project follows our implementation in 2020 of an award-winning custom sales training simulation on strategic account development for the Hilti sales population that later was extended to employees from all functions in the organization as a way to help them understand and support the sales process.

The earlier project, called Destination Engagement, earned 2 Brandon Hall Group silver awards, one for Excellence in Learning in the category of Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning and the other for Excellence in Sales Performance in Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program.

Some of the participants this week will later facilitate the rollout of this simulation, Leading Engagement, to 6,000 area sales managers at Hilti who are in charge of the 22,000 account managers targeted in Destination Engagement. (Of that group, 16,000 have completed the program, and thanks to the positive feedback, more Hilti account managers are lining up!)

Key Celemi International team members launching the sales manager simulation on October 5 included Henrik Olofsson, global key account manager; Michael Björne, business simulation developer; Lucas Brusquini, visual designer & concept developer; Tore Byström, vice president of sales; and Anders Påander, chief technology officer.

“This project and the success today was the highlight of my career so far. Kudos to the best project team in this galaxy!”– Henrik Olofsson, project lead at Celemi

Those joining the launch from Hilti Group included Veronica Pirovano, global market reach change manager; Vikram Jain, learning business partner; Terry Copley, head of learning solutions and experience; and Laurie Dretske, senior project manager, learning & development.

Participants celebrated this week’s launch via a LinkedIn post, which filled up quickly with positive comments, including:

  • “Excellent teamwork between Hilti and Celemi to turn training for excellence in sales leadership into an engaging and enjoyable activity!” – Joaquim Sardà Solsona, a member of the Executive Board at Hilti Group.
  • “Amazing experience, sharing and learning with our VP sales and Marketing teams, super example of global collaboration.” Laurent Gimenez, head of North Asia at Hilti Group.
  • “Absolute pleasure to partner with Team Celemi to develop this simulation. Great energy ,engagement and learnings while having ‘Serious Fun.’ “Vikram Jain, learning business partner at Hilti Group.
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable, fun, engaging and a great learning experience.”Andrew Hunt, head of learning and development at Hilti Asia.
  • “Absolutely awesome!”Kjell Åke Lindqvist, president & CEO at Celemi International
  • “The 7 months hard work was so evident. Great game and great orchestration! Thanks a ton.” – Akash Chauhan, marketing director at Hilti South Korea
  • “Engaging! Educating! Fun! Thank you!” – Tatiana Masalsk, general manager at Hilti Israel
  • “Outstanding job! Thanks again!” – Hector I. Hernandez Ibinarriaga, head of engineering & key project mgr. – Hilti México

Congratulations to all from your learning partners at Celemi!