Celemi has been granted support from Sweden’s innovation authority, Vinnova, to develop a program to create new ways of working regarding sustainability and innovative learning. The solution will be built for virtual classroom delivery and offered in many different languages ​​to managers and employees in companies all over the world. The support is provided in a category for innovation projects for small and medium-sized enterprises.

With this, Celemi wants to help organizations, by creating an innovative culture, transform their operations into business models that have sustainability as a driving force in all day-to-day decision-making.

The program will enable organizations / participants to simulate a company where you can try new behaviors around innovation and sustainability in a safe environment. The simulation is “gamified” where the participants work in teams and make decisions in competition with other teams. Based on which decisions you make, you get points and ranking in relation to other participants. The experience gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their own reality. Based on their new insights, they formulate action plans and strategies for their organizations.

Celemi has been developing business simulations since 1985. We have helped companies all over the world to implement new behaviors in change projects. The products cover a large number of areas, such as business acumen, business