Celemi Business Finance™ is an off-the-shelf, fully digital simulation, designed to help participants sharpen their business financial skills. The simulation is designed for facilitator-led virtual classroom sessions with an interactive mix of individual, team, and full group exercises to optimize the learning experience.

This simulation was created due to demand for a fun and interactive way of learning basic business finance. Existing customers and partners asked for a training program that could be delivered in a virtual setting, without losing the powerful methodology that defines a typical Celemi simulation. The need for basic business finance understanding is something that will always be an in-demand skillset on international markets across all industries. And with one of Celemi’s best sellers, Celemi Apples & Oranges™, as a base and inspiration during the development, the core of this simulation mirrors the same learning points – which creates a shared baseline understanding of key financial concepts. Examples are, understanding how to secure a healthy cash flow or how price impacts profit.

The simulation is available in two versions, one for service companies and one for manufacturing companies.

Tore Byström, sales director at Celemi, describes the value of how this simulation is delivered:

“Just like in real life, participants work in teams and they learn from each other while solving business dilemmas together. It is a highly interactive simulation with close links to the client’s reality. The key is learning by doing, and we stimulate that by creating different challenges and adding the fun element of competition. We have designed activities for the individual, a team of four people and a full group of twenty, so there is always a challenge to solve and a competition to win.”

Read more and see a short video about the simulation here >>

For more information please contact:
Caroline Fredberg +46 7245 245 40 caroline.fredberg@celemi.se