At our Americas partner meeting, our partners were shown a small package, and asked what they thought it was.

Nobody was sure, but guesses included a glasses case and a small wallet. Celemist Shobhana held up the case and explained that inside there was actually a large umbrella, that could work as a shield against both rain and sun.

“We tend to judge things, people, and ourselves before we really know what they and we are capable of,” explained Shobhana. “Most things have a lot more value and meaning than you think, if you just take the time to understand what they really are.”

For many, business finance is a mystery, and it can be hard to see the value of other functions and roles in the company than their own. In a Celemi business simulation, participants move around coins in small containers that we call value carriers. The coins represent money, as it moves around the workmat, which symbolizes different parts of business flow.

These small coins in the value carriers help participants to see business finance in another light, and to properly understand the value of each part of business operations. Through dialogue and play, participants quickly see the value that not only they, but also their colleagues, have in driving successful business and increasing the bottom line.

Just like a small umbrella in an unidentifiable case, most things have more value and meaning than we initially assume. We just need the opportunity to create new understandings of the unknown.

Celemi business simulations make complex topics such as business finance, supply chain management, and agile ways of working easily understandable for everyone in the company. Through gamified learning, participants have “aha” moments, create their own knowledge, and align with the rest of the company on how to approach these subjects.

Try a mini-simulation yourself today, or contact us to find out how we can help your people see the meaning and value of the entire value chain.