For more than 30 years, Celemi has provided high-quality business simulations to build strategic alignment and boost business acumen. Our solutions are often used as part of leadership development programmes, to highlight the hard and soft skills leaders need to build success.

A holistic approach to leadership

We’re now excited to announce that we are releasing a supplement to our strategic simulations Celemi Tango™, Celemi Enterprise™, and Celemi Decision Base™, that can be used during a seminar as a way of developing the holistic leadership skills that today’s world requires.

As the demands on leadership change, leaders are increasingly expected to strengthen their soft skills, such as self-reflexivity, emotional resilience, and interpersonal communication.

“I’ve been running strategic business simulations as a way of developing business finance skills for many years. The advantage of simulations is that they don’t only show the cognitive, strategic side of decision-making, but also highlight the emotional side of making decisions in management teams” says Tore Byström, expert facilitator and Sales director at Celemi.

“The simulation setting, where participants run a company through tough competition with tight deadlines for decision-making, creates an environment where people shed their ‘façades’ and become fully engaged. Challenges and conflicts appear in real time, providing great opportunities for reflecting on how we act under pressure.”

Bringing theory into the real world

With a Leadership twist seminar from Celemi, you can bring your managers outside of their comfort zones and have them try new approaches in a safe, risk-free environment. Learning sessions can be customized to suit specific client needs, by linking discussions and reflections to leadership and competency models that participants are familiar with.

“In APAC, we hear clients ask for solutions that help managers translate a corporate leadership model or philosophy into practice” says Ola Källqvist, CEO of Celemi North Asia. “By using a business simulation like Decision Base, we create a hands-on learning experience that reflects the real-life business context in which the participants need to shift the way they lead themselves and others. It’s a powerful tool for self-discovery and alignment around desired future behaviors.”

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