As markets change, so do the demands on leadership.

In today’s ever-changing world, leaders can be found at all levels of the organization: leadership is no longer a term reserved for the C-suite and top-level managers, but instead, organizations are increasingly flat and collaborative, and leadership is necessary throughout the whole company. Leadership today means being responsive and resilient, and ready for the challenges of an unpredictable and volatile market.

But how, then, can you provide quality leadership development training to your talent, ensuring that they have both the hard business skills, and the soft people skills needed to thrive in today’s market?

One way is through experiential learning and gamification. By allowing your talent to take accountability for their own knowledge and to take charge of their learning, you create an environment where knowledge and learning sticks.  Business simulations provide the perfect platform for this sort of learning: participants work in teams in a high-paced, engaging environment to learn and improve on their hard skills, while also reflecting on their performance both individually and as a team, and in turn improving their people-based leadership skills.

Here, you can see how our long-time partner Wolfgang at Canmas has leveraged the power of business simulations to create a leadership twist on Celemi Tango for one of his clients.

We have now developed a Leadership Twist for Celemi Tango™, Celemi Enterprise™, and Celemi Decision Base™, based on the knowledge and expertise gained by our expert facilitators and partners over many years of facilitating business simulations.

Contact us today if you would like to hear about how our ready-made and custom solutions can help you with your leadership development needs.