Take bubbles, for instance… Bubbles are fun. Bubbles are playful. Yet they are more complex than you might think.

Bubbles are magical! You wave or blow into a wand, and liquid turns into a floating sphere, swirling with luminous, translucent colors. Look closely, and you see patterns emerging—molecules continually changing, transforming, drifting, and rising.

Learning can be magical, too. Think about how it feels when you encounter something new or experience a familiar situation in a different way.

How do you like to learn? Think about what it’s like to play with bubbles. Where does your imagination go? Imagine learning about business concepts and strategies in a way that is fluid, playful, and transformative.

What Do Bubbles Have to Do with Learning?
A true bubble artist such as Tom Noddy, who was featured in a CBS News story about “the beauty and science of bubbles,”* can create elongated bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, smoke bubbles, or clear bubbles…the possibilities seem as endless as his imagination.

Bubbles are interconnected. A soap molecule links to a water molecule electrically in space. They form a network. They are interdependent. Together they rise. If you separate them, they break apart: pop!

Connecting Bubbles in Business: A New Equation
Some businesses seem to operate within a bubble—and not always in a good way. Take finance, for example. Speculative market bubbles can inflate stock prices to the point at which they eventually burst and fall as sellers panic.

Task-oriented employees who work alone or surround themselves with only like-minded people can be cloaked in a bubble that closes them off from different perspectives and experiences. Trying to reach them with traditional learning methods can fall flat.

Break away from boring. Re-imagine your job, your role, and where you can go when you’re truly immersed in a learning experience. Visualize complex concepts coming to life, connecting, and taking you somewhere new.

Try following the trail of the bubbles that float the highest and farthest. How far can you go?

Celemi business simulations set the stage for curiosity. Lively learning experiences encourage business teams to get to know each other and their organizations on a different, molecular level, where patterns start emerging, networks form, and every action sets another into motion.

Even financial concepts, which can seem difficult and boring, come to life as teams compete to gain market share for their simulated companies in a safe, creative environment where they are free to explore new ideas, act on them, and see what happens.

Momentum builds with each “Aha!” moment as financial terms, tools, and strategies start making sense. Conversations and collaboration open up new possibilities and new avenues to explore. Business networks grow as employees realize just how interdependent they are—how everyone’s role contributes to the whole.

Celemi Doesn’t Do Boring
When you need people to understand new concepts, change behavior, improve performance, and move in a new direction, put away the manuals and cancel the slide show. Hands-on business simulations empower participants to make connections, find their passions, and put new skills to work immediately. People learn by doing. And that’s where Celemi can help.

*Learn more about the beauty and science of bubbles: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-beauty-and-science-of-bubbles/