Celemi has high standards and values. Throughout our organization we perceive attention to detail and highest quality of service as paramount.

We promise you that we will be:

  • Customer-Committed
  • Open
  • Trusting
  • Creative

What we mean by:


  • We are committed to all of our stakeholders; our customers, our fellow colleagues, our partners, our suppliers, our owners.
  • We are committed to delivering exceptional value.
  • We are perceptive, reliable and business minded.
  • We build and maintain relationships.
  • We understand the conditions in place.
  • We look beyond our own part of the process.
  • We take responsibility through to the end.
  • We keep our promises and promise what we can keep.


  • We are open-minded and communicate in a fair and straightforward way.
  • We collaborate and encourage teamwork.
  • We communicate expectations on behavior, performance and rewards in a clear way.
  • We listen and take appropriate action.
  • We share the reasoning behind our decisions with others.
  • We have simple, clear and logical processes and policies, supporting involvement.
  • We are not afraid to voice any issues and concerns.
  • We are open to new and exciting ventures. We like breaking new ground.

At Celemi, there is a supportive culture that gets the best out of everyone. We collaborate with each other. We cooperate between our disciplines as well as with external organisations and people.

We are open in the sense that we try to be transparent – internally. This means that we aim to operate in a way that makes it easy for others to see what actions we perform.


  • We trust in people’s abilities, and respect the competencies and responsibilities of others. We encourage individuals to take the initiative and ownership.
  • We show respect and care for individuals.
  • We empower people to become self-confident, creative and independent.


  • We strive for new, bold ideas and perspectives – we live and breathe creativity.
  • We are open to new perspectives on things.
  • We are not afraid to challenge our client’s brief.
  • We are specialists in decoding key messages; in what we call “exformation”. We go for simplicity and clarity.
  • We seek inspiration from many different areas.
  • We have a physical work environment that inspires creativity.