Our Story

A long time ago – as a matter of fact in 1985 – in a faraway place, three wise individuals crossed paths. They met at the famous intersection of innovation and opportunity – the place where earth-shattering insights and breakthrough ideas are born. Professional consultants as they were, each with his or her own particular expertise, Mrs. Margareta Barchan, Mr. Krister Nathanaelson and Mr. Klas Mellander were able to interweave their ideas and create an innovation*.

Together, they brought concepts from their respective fields into new territory.

Mrs. Barchan, a woman with an unusual gift for business; Klas Mellander, a passionate mathematician with an interest in unconventional learning (learning by doing) and Krister Nathanaelson, an instructional movie-maker, came together to create the ultimate tool for effective learning – business simulations.

…and Celemi was born

Eventually, the three associates formed a company to provide business clients with faster, quicker and more compelling methods of bringing about change and increasing business knowledge.
The company evolved into Celemi. Today, Celemi is a global operation with a wide range of clients and a network of valued consultants and partners around the world.
At the heart of every business simulation or custom solution we create lies The Power of Learning – the natural, spontaneous learning process that we emulate.

Klas developed The Power of Learning model earlier in his career when he felt that young people were being spoon-fed information instead of participating in their own learning. He believed – and still believes – that the best way to assimilate lasting knowledge is for students to take responsibility for their own learning by making mistakes and learning from them.
In 1993, Klas published The Power of Learning: Fostering Employee Growth (McGraw Hill). The book became an instant hit in the field of executive development and was named a Main Selection by the American Society of Training & Development.
*An innovation, according to Frans Johansson, author of the Medici Effect – the basis for our simulation known as The Medici Game – is defined as a creative idea that is 1) new, 2) of value to other people and 3) realized.


How It All Started