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How resilient is your organization?


Congratulations, your organization appears to be “resilient ready”.

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Your organization is not resilient ready, progress is needed.

Read this article http://celemi.com/blog/2020/achieving-the-resilience-dynamic-a-synergistic-approach/

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#1. The concept of agile thinking is well socialized

#2. My organization explicitly focuses on improving mechanisms and processes that enable rapid implementation of decisions

#3. Change management is an aspect/topic of learning and development

#4. Employees have training opportunities to improve their business acumen and financial literacy competencies

#5. Our leadership and culture stress empowerment at all levels

#6. Cross-functional and/or cross-regional teams are characteristics of our culture

#7. I have noticed a heightened importance on planning for unforeseen disruption

#8. My leadership is open and inspiring when communicating our challenges, and how they plan to respond

#9. Our strategic planning recognizes the importance of staying market nimble, and rapidly responds to shifts in our markets, industry and customer needs

#10. The concept of resilience has been explicitly addressed by our leadership