What’s On? Events, News…

At Celemi, there is no such thing as a typical day. Step into our common rooms and you will find people in the process of designing a WorkMat™, developing a new, custom solution together with clients, or training facilitators. You’ll see seminars with groups of customers having fun playing business simulations and discussing.

This is where events – open sessions, workshops, breakfast meetings – take the stage. Take the chance to experience a business simulation and join us for an open session! Most welcome to Celemi. We are looking forward to seeing you – and having serious fun together with you.



Apples & Oranges Open Session

Business Finance for Everyone Try a serious business game and learn how long-term business value is created. See how you […]

Quiz: What Do You Know About Cash? Test Yourself!

What Do You Know About Cash?

Cash is king. You’ve heard it before. Good cash flow management is a key success factor. What do you know […]

Mini Simulation: Check the Effect of a Discount

Celemi Profit Simulator

CELEMI Profit Simulator™

One person’s actions can really make a difference on profits. In Celemi seminars, participants discover numerous opportunities for cost savings and […]