Clearly realistic

The purpose of any simulation is to let you experiment with reality – without ruining your business.

They’re fun. They’re engaging. They’re challenging. People make decisions and compete - for customers…talent…market share…profits…the next big idea…

In the end, everyone wins, because our business simulations are not just games; They are self-contained learning experiences in which we recreate real workplace or operational environments and give people the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge - and make mistakes - in a fun, safe environment.

What are the characteristics that differentiate a business simulation from other learning methods?

Our simulations are available in many different languages around the world. (Program modifications and translation services are available.)

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  • Celemi Apples & Oranges™ shows teams where costs are incurred and revenue is created, through its simple, yet profound model of a company. It's business finance and cash awareness for everyone!

  • In Celemi Cayenne™, participants identify and address typical project challenges. Prepare teams by practicing resource allocation, securing business value and performance among all project players.

  • In Celemi Decision Base™, teams manage capital-intensive businesses through strategic, operational and financial decisions. Compete for clients while balancing short-term and long-term value.

  • Celemi Enterprise™ simulates a dynamic market where participants must execute and adjust strategies to win customers. To succeed, teams need to maximize brand value and deliver with excellence.

  • The principles of marketing: Celemi Livon™. Participants learn how market leaders attract and retain clients through a clear market differentiation, a consistent identity and a strong brand.

  • Celemi Livon Lite™ is the fast track version of Celemi Livon™, where teams learn the principles of marketing and the need for differentiation, a consistent identity and a strong brand.

  • In Celemi Performance™, participants learn the business fundamentals - how to create a competitive advantage in order to win clients. Gives participants a quick overview of business strategy.

  • Participants in Celemi Sales Endeavour™ learn to identify and pursue valuable sales opportunities. Using real-life prospects in the simulation, participants leave with a fully developed sales plan.

  • In Celemi Tango™, teams manage knowledge intensive firms in fierce competition for clients and employees. Develop a winning strategy by leveraging people as your competitive advantage.

  • The Medici Game™ challenges participants to “think outside the box”, as they generate ideas for new business opportunities by setting the conditions for breakthrough, intersectional innovations.